4x4 Excursions:

With professional experience of our drivers we invite you to experience the thrill of 4x4 on the grounds that they are themselves: Tracks and Arena

AROUND THE DUNES: so as to know ERG CHEBBI, we suggest to have a journey or an itinerary for your environment. Its a journey which has to be made by 4x4, because it takes place in most PARIS-DAKAR's trails.with moutains which borders Algerie. This tour will take you to the colonies of Tissardmin's oasis,nomad families among whom you will discover the secrets of their life and their habits,fossile mines,the vilage of Khamlia originally from Mali,all relaxing around a cup of tea, benefiting from a small concert of the spiritual music of Gnawa, the black desert (Hamada) faces the full panoramic view of ERG CHEBBI.

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